Stress Survival Kit: Step Four



You’ve worked your butt off so why not finally put your vacation time to use? You bleed, cry, and sweat for your job and it’s finally time to let your work return the favour. Plan out a family getaway. Get a groups of friends together and book a flight down south. Pack your knapsack and purchase a one way ticket to roam across world. Do what you got to do to make your trip right.


I realize some of you might be saying, “I don’t have any money for a vacation!” You’re one hundred percent right. The cost of living isexpensive these days and a lot of us are unable to travel at times. So instead of mourning over the loss of a potential weekend or week away, start piling some change into a piggy bank. Take your leftover change on a day-to-day basis and throw it away into a savings reserve. If you don’t use cash anymore, set a little bit of money aside off of every paycheque into a separate account. You may not be able to get away as soon as you’d like too but there’s nothing better to look forward too than a trip away to your paradise of choice.

I personally haven’t been able to travel much because of post-secondary student syndrome: living by the loonie, trying to save and stay on budget for my lifestyle, scraping every nickel, dime, and quarter together to get a coffee. However, my folks participate in a lot of travel especially down south to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. They absolutely love it there. I’ve been there a few times. The sun scorches down against your body while you unconfidently hop, sprint, and manoeuvre across the lava stone. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced such pain, but for those of your who have, you know exactly how it feels. It’s painful! Once you finally get to the white fine sand, you dig your feet as far into the sand as you can. Note to self: beg my parents to take me away. It’s been a while but I’m thankful I’ve been able to go. A little bit off track but I’m sure you get the point. A little bit of life experiences away from home can definitely help throw away some stress.


The entire trip planning process gets me feeling giddy. The plan gives you something totally awesome to look forward too. Give your work some notice, plan and book a trip, and count down those final days to your journey abroad. You don’t even have to go somewhere far and it doesn’t need to be an expensive trip across the world. A simple weekend away off gives you something to look forward too as well as a way to recover and recuperate from the swarms of stress.

It’s important to have a great time away along with getting some essential rest for the coming workdays ahead. So make sure to enjoy yourself and let loose. Don’t think about your work away from home unless it makes you feel better. From the few trips I’ve been lucky to go on, I make sure to get work done ahead of time and leave all my stress behind in order to truly get the most out of my vacation. Clear your mind on your getaway and hopefully it’ll give you a better outlook on life. When you go back into the office, remember life is delicate and valuable and you don’t need stress to weigh you down anymore. 

I’m definitely no expert on travel and tourism, however there are a few websites that have really helped myself, my parents, and close ones get the most out of their vacation as well as their loonie:

1) offers people awesome prices for packages on travel and accommodation. Check out the website and you can see for yourself. They offer a wide selection of areas around the world and resorts as well as categories to help narrow down searches from star rating and user reviews.


2) offers users to set their own price. Users can select from a variety of hotels, flights, and packages available on the website. However, users can actually bid on a hotel or flight and try to get it for their own price. My family and I travel down to Buffalo often to catch a Leafs game or just to get away for a couple days. We always use this website and put in a bid and we always find ourselves in a Hyatt, Marriott, or Embassy for $60 to $70 a night. I know. Incredible.


 3) provides users with a great way to view different vacation packages, accommodations, and flights with a few clicks of a button. The great thing about this website is that it allows users to price match competitors to ensure them to get the lowest price possible.


Any of these three company’s will work for your getaway and there are many others available as well. When you go into work tomorrow tell your boss you deserve some time off.

Book a week off work, get online and find your trip destination, and plan your journey across paradise.

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts. Where’s the one place you would go if you took a vacation away from home?

You got it!


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