Stress Survival Kit: Step Three



One of the best natural remedies of stress is to simply talk. Stress boils down from a particular problem whether it’s health, family, school, or work related and it’s best to express your feelings and open up to someone. Talking through an issue provides people with new perspectives and views on particular matters. It can actually open your mind up to a new perspective, potentially break down stress, and provide possible ways to change your mindset and actions to prevent and deal with stress.

Stress comes from two different forms



It’s natural for humans to feel stress from our daily activities. For example, my education brings stress into my life because important dates and deadlines conflict with other dates, deadlines, and non-academic events. For some reason, I can never get away with having a consistent schedule of one or two assignments every week over the school semester. Rather my school thoughtfully bunches up projects on projects around each other to total four or five assignments every week in the last month before exams. In my case, stress occurs from situation without even beginning to mention additional stresses in my life brought about from peers.


If your stress comes from a person, it’s best to consult with them directly to express your feelings. However, some people may not feel comfortable with such confrontation in their own unique situation so maybe it’s best to talk to someone close to yourself, vent about your emotions and feelings, and ask them what they think you should do. Such preparation allows you to process your feelings into a rational and logical state of mind and as a result you prepare and get ready to talk to the stressor. The best way to tackle the problem is to lift your head high and face them head on. If you really think you can’t do it and you’re scared for your safety, there are many professionals who can help you deal with these issues to act appropriately in certain situations to best solve the issue.


If your stress comes from a situation, talk to someone you trust and whose opinion you value. They’ll most likely be able to provide you with advice and support to free your troubles. The results of one-on-one or one-on-multiple conversations can relieve stress almost instantly as well as brainstorm and offer valuable solutions to many people’s problems. A family member, close friend, or spouse is always a good choice. If you truly feel there’s no one to express your feelings to, again there are many trained, qualified, and experienced professionals willing to help as well as doctors who can refer specialists to qualify and best address a situation and develop solutions.

Several people are afraid to release their emotions because they consider it as a sign of weakness however it’s actually the exact opposite. People who acknowledge their need for assistance from others actually shows individual empowerment to achieve solutions. Bottling up stress simply feeds, enhances, and accumulates stress and by far constitutes as the worst possible thing an individual can do when trying to alleviate stress.

Talking about the problems that bring stress into your life provides a healthy and effective way to channel your feelings and promote a much more optimistic outlook for your future. Human communication serves as one of the best natural remedies for stress and can reduce stress levels substantially.

So get out there and TALK!

Express your feelings, confront your peers and situations, and get it off your chest: you’ll feel wonderful!

You got it!


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