Stress Survival Kit: Step One



It’s essential to participate in daily relaxation. Rest and relaxation is more than just slouching on the couch, it’s a way to escape your life’s stresses and provide relief from pressure. There’s a wide array of methods individuals can perform to alleviate stress. It’s up to you to find your escape mechanism from your hectic lifestyle. Relaxation isn’t always as easy as it seems. Many individuals practice relaxation techniques and activities to make them feel better after a long busy day. Some individuals may find relaxation when starring at the television or computer screen while others may like to engage in sports and hobbies. Sit back, enjoy, and think about what activities can help you deal with stress.

1) Clear your mind:

keep-calm-and-clear-your-mind-2 (1)

Wherever your paradise exists, there’s nothing like kicking back your feet and taking some time to regroup. So dump your body onto the soft suede couch and stretch your body across the cushiony heaven. Flick on your favourite shows and movies or crack open that dusty novel’s spine and give it a go. One of the most important treatments for stress is the ability to clear your mind and fill it with your personal hobbies and interests for a nice beak from your hectic lifestyle.

2) Take some time for yourself:

MP900400946[1]Budgeting your work and play time will allow you to defeat the swarms of stress and offer a much more relaxed lifestyle. It’s important to work hard and smart, but it’s also important to take breaks and reward yourself for all of your hard work. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not always easy to plan your work and play life, but you have to do your best. It’s an absolute necessity to provide your body, mind, and spirit with a mini vacation to that video game you’ve always wanted to finish.

3) Replenish vital resources:


Make sure to provide your body with a bunch of different energy suppliers to make you feel your best. Consume your favourite mouthwatering foods from the five food groups. Maybe even snack on your favourite food and beverages: ice cream, chicken, candy, salad, popcorn, protein shakes, double cheeseburger combo, water! Pour a pint of your favourite beer or shutdown your body for a rejuvenating nap. Whatever you need to shake off the symptoms of stress, it’s important to replenish your body with essential resources to provide your mind and body with energy to prepare for tomorrow’s busy day.

experience-signUniversity of Toronto Mississauga’s library and lecture halls swarm my days throughout the week. I make sure to do my absolute best to stay on schedule, unless something comes up. I find it very effective to plan my schedule in advance and stay on schedule, otherwise work piles over to the next day. I personally love the feeling of accomplishment. Although sometimes procrastinations gets the best of me, I love to plan my days out at the beginning of the week in order to get things done and stay on top of deadlines.

My weekdays regularly consist of a 9:00AM start to a 5:00PM finish time. I make sure to get in my eight hours of work and when the final minutes tick down, quitting time rolls around and boy oh boy does it feel great. Now don’t get me wrong, stuff happens and things come up, so sometimes I have to work late. When it’s time to go home and relax, it feels awesome to know that you really made some progress throughout the day, especially when you realize it’s bettering yourself and your life.

It’s mandatory to leave a solid four to five hours in the nighttime after school for my own personal time. Whether I spend quality time with my family, hangout with my pals, take a spirit lifting nap, button mash some video games, or surf the Internet, I make sure to enjoy some “me” time to recover from that dreadful s-word and replenish my inner happiness because I deserve it.


So go, reward yourself. It will keep you sane.

Enjoy life, those around you, and the little things that make you smile.

You got it!


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