Stress Survival Kit: Step Two



Whether you enjoy showing off those rock hard abs at the gym, feeling the cold crisp air breeze against your body on the ice, or shooting some hoops on the driveway, get out there and EXERCISE! You’re bound to get some sort of stress relief as long as you move your body or strengthen those brain cells.

Movement holds the key to defeating stress and freeing your mind. Research shows the most powerful behaviour to positively impact your mind and body is the participation in physical exercise. It isn’t so much about the exertion and amount of physical activity, but rather the rhythm of the body and breathing patterns that does the fix. Easy things like stretching and even yoga can do the trick and take some stress off your body. If you’re new to this whole exercise ordeal, here are some physical activities that will get you started against the battle of stress!


1) Walk/Jog/Run


It’s time to treat your muscles and joints to some movement.

Excessive movement gets the heart beating and the body sweating. Whether you enjoy a nice walk through the ravine or a long marathon around a local high school’s track, moving your body can help free your body and mind and throw some stress out of your body.

2) Tennis


Grab a friend and hit the courts. Tennis gets intense and even some of the less competitive match ups pumps the heart and flows and circulates blood throughout the body. Did I mention it will make you sweat? Transfer that energy into the tennis ball and show it who’s boss. You get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors, socialize with your friends, all while doing good for you body and mind.

3) Boxing

ideas-for-decorating-a-basement-seletti-boxitalia-punching-bag-boxing-glovesWe all want to punch something or someone square in the face – just kidding. Unfortunately for us and fortunately for the victim, we can’t just clock him or her. There’s an alternative! Pick up a pair of boxing gloves and box the old punching bag for a blood-pumping workout. Exerting energy and forcing it into another object actually releases built up stress and get you jacked at the same time. Punch the air if you don’t have a boxing bag. Make sure to learn some breathing techniques to get the most out of your rage session.

4) Bike


There’s nothing like an adventure up and down the ravine trail. Take those training wheels off and get pedalling. Experience the thrill of a long and hard pedalling journey, while taking in nature and it’s surroundings. Whether you casually bike along the street, road bike through the boonies, or mountain bike through some muddy trails, hearing the rubber wheels rotate again and again will for sure help to clear up some stress.

5) Swim

outdoor_swimmingGo to the community pool, find a nearby lake or ocean, or if you’re lucky, go out your back sliding door. Create a splash! The rush of water washes stress off your body as you stroke from deep end to shallow end. It also works every muscle in the body for a cool and refreshing workout.


Of course there are tons of other activities that can help you relieve stress. These are only a few ways that really work for myself. Now it’s time for me to pick your brain! Please comment below with your genius methods to escape the swarms of stress such as activities, sports, and other interests, whether it’s an intense physical workout or a mental battle!

Find your activity and do it!

Exercise is crucial for your body and mind as it increases oxygen to the brain and of course, kicks stress to the curb.

Reward your body and mind – you’ll be glad you did!

You got it!


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