There’s no doubt in my mind that everyone around the world knows what stress feels like. I know I do. Stress increases as human development continues because there are a lot more things to worry about. Humans by nature try to be the best they can be, especially in such an increasingly competitive world. Throughout one’s life journey, headaches and challenges come along for the ride.

The Stress Survival Kit serves to ADDRESS (1) stress, (2) symptoms, and (3) treatments. The stress survival guide empowers the community to discuss experiences and ways to treat stress. 


In today’s day in age, life consists of hassles, deadlines, demands, and frustrations. Stress isn’t always a bad thing. Stress can actually help individuals perform under pressure while others can’t afford to be put under stressful situations. Your body and mind pays the price when you’re put under loads of stress. It’s absolutely essential to protect yourself against stress’ harmful effects and to do so requires the identification of stress signs and symptoms, proper measure in stress treatment, and stress prevention as well as support from our diverse community. 

GOAL: My goal is to create an friendly online, collaborative, and interactive atmosphere that shares everyone’s experiences with the dreadful s-word.

Together we can help each other address stress, prevent stress, and treat stress for the future. 

Click on the guide to get started against the battle of stress.

Let’s do this!

923-2“Everybody feels stress and knows it intimately, but very few of us think about what stress actually is. Stress is a thought. That’s it. No more, no less. If that’s true, then we have complete control over stress, because it’s not something that happens to us but something that happens in us.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman

“Life takes over and things happen, all the “D’s:” divorce, death, deadlines, demands, dumb thoughts, and dumb schedules. And as anyone does, I get sucked in to negative thinking, which creates stress in my body. My sleep gets interrupted, my muscles get tight, my mood gets cranky, but then I breathe and remember that stress is all in my head.  We get so attached to our way of thinking, to our beliefs and attitudes about the way things should be or shouldn’t be, that it makes us sick.”

– Dr. Mark Hyman

Take the Dr. Phil stress test here!



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